FAQ | Pātai

What is Out on the Shelves
Out on the Shelves is an online resource that lists books with rainbow themes and characters, with the aim of helping rainbow young people find stories that represent their identities in positive and affirming ways. We also have a Out on the Shelves campaign week in June that celebrates rainbow books for young people.

How are the books selected?

The books in the resource are gathered via reader submissions and research. Know of a book you think would be great in the resource? Submit it here!

How do I know what’s in the book?

For each book listed in the resource, we’ve tried to gather details about genre, identities representing, and any content that could be disturbing or upsetting. As we don’t have time to read every book ourselves, we can’t always guarantee that everything is covered. If you think that a certain book hasn’t been tagged properly, e-mail us and we’ll update it!

How do I get the books?

If you want to borrow a book, follow the WorldCat link, enter your location and you’ll be able to see which libraries nearby have a copy.

If you’re interested in buying a book, you can follow the Book Depository link. Book Depository offer free worldwide shipping, and you can shop in NZD.

When is Out on the Shelves campaign week, 2019?

This year, our campaign week is June 17 – 23.