Rainbow book zine

This year, as part of Campaign week, we will be making a collaborative national rainbow book zine. The zine will be downloadable after the campaign week is over. 

How to participate:

Have a crafty time, get out the art supplies and collage material, and create rainbow book-themed A5 pages. Just cut A4 paper in half, and let your imagination go on that half-sheet of paper. There are no limits, as long as you can scan the paper and send it to us, you can dream up whatever you want.

Some ideas/prompts for pages:

  • my favourite queer books
  • a review of one book
  • something creative about a favourite character
  • rainbow books I wish existed
  • Make up a playlist to go along with a book
  • write fan fiction together (pass the paper style) with a friend

When you are done with your page(s), please scan them and e-mail them to us at outontheshelves@insideout.org.nz